From Scotland Edinburgh: Affordable and beautiful wordpress web design for professionals hobbiests and families who want a simple website on a budget. Prices start from £150 include SEO and Pro- Email.

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 First – A big handshake and a warm welcome to my website net-value.co.uk. My name is Itay and I work from Edinburgh, UK. Websites is what I do. If you are a bit lost about how to start a new website I explain in short how it works. You can always drop me a line to inquire about the information here or anything else which comes to mind. Beside websites I am a big fan of my wife and wee daughter and love spending time with family on beach walks, films and ukulele sing a long.
Value for Money  – My prices starts as low as £150 for a simple website which includes your own webmail e.g. info@very-friendly-shop.co.uk. I believe wholeheartedly in being transparent about pricing, therefore any additional costs that may be incurred as a job progresses will be agreed beforehand. Affordable website building Overhead costs are cut to minimal as I work from home with no money spent on promotion and advertising. You might get offers from Web-hosts for free design but over time, the web-hosting will cost you more in monthly fees and when you run into a problem there will be no-one to talk to. I can also advise you how to run and maintain the website in the future – so you can make changes/updates yourself instead of paying someone.
Friendly and Personal –  I do my best to design your website around you. I am aware that you like all of us lead a busy life but at the same time want to have website that will distinguish you from others. That is whyfriendly and personal web design I prefer to keep everything simple and as user-friendly as possible. Graphics should lead your audience to your content rather than steal the show. I believe in taking the jargon out and showing you in simple steps (includes images) how to put the content into your website. I am ready to answer any questions you have so you feel confident and assured. I want your website to show you in the best light and be tailored to you and your preferences.
 pro email designed for you Email / Newsletter – If needed I can create a specific professional email e.g. info@friendly-shop.co.uk that you can run through an easy Gmail account. Your website visitors will be able to contact you through the website and register for your Newsletter (an email you send to subscribers about your business/news etc). I take online safety seriously by protecting you from spam with captcha and emails’ cypher.
WordPress – I choose to work with WordPress because it is onewordpress the easiest platform of the easiest platforms for our customers to work with. WordPress has made its name as the bloggers platform but is perfect for small to medium size websites with or without a blog. Because it is the most popular platform for websites there is plenty of documentation for almost any problems you may have.
Visibilityvisibility in mind To get noticed I will help with search engine optimization (SEO) so when people look for what you offer, they can find you. I can help with social media implementation and links from other websites to make you noticeable.