Mead Kerr has built an excellent reputation as a provider of short courses for writers and film makers throughout the UK and internationally.

Clare and Adrian have mentored students on behalf of a variety of educational and arts organizations, including MPower International Youth Festival, Edinburgh Skillset Screen & Media Academy, BBC Blast, BBC Academy and the Scottish Book Trust.

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Praise for Mead Kerr’s Classes

Thanks a million for three amazing days, I’m still buzzing from all the information and tuition.
Jim Sullivan

Dear Adrian,
This week’s Screen Lab was motivating, energizing and of immense practical use.

I’m impressed by the techniques we learned, by the quality of advice offered, the clarity of its delivery and the ways in which you enabled us to really get a broad view of all the elements that go into developing the craft of screenwriting.
Best wishes
Shelagh Young

Hi Adrian
Just a note to say how good it was to meet you at the Scottish Book Trust’s ScreenLab. It’s proved to be a great experience – enlightening, inspiring accessible and practical! Your enthusiasm was infectious and the guests who came along (especially the actors) were fantastic.
Mandy Lee

Dear Adrian
Your Screenwriting Lab last week was just brilliant! I feel like I’ve grown, that new doors have opened – in my mind and my writing. Thank you for your practical, constructive, nuts and bolts approach – very energising as well as enabling and enlightening.

Thanks for a fascinating and very informative day on Saturday in Inverness. For those on the outer rim it was a great opportunity and quite inspiring.
Very best wishes
Jan Storie

Hi Adrian
Just to say a massive thank you for the course. It gave me much to think about, and has made me more focussed.
Samantha Fernando

Dear Adrian
Many thanks indeed for the TV writing course on Saturday.

Your manner was pleasant and friendly throughout, and your content was chock full of practical information, tips and tricks. I’m now even more enthused about screenwriting and know how to go about it.
Frank McGinty

Dear Adrian
Just a note to say that it was great to meet you last Saturday. I had a whale of a time, enjoyed the course and networked like crazy!
Best regards
Lucy Hay

Many thanks for the class on Saturday. It was great to be around so many positive people and I really appreciate your sharing so much insider info.

I got home to the news that my screenplay has reached the quarter finals of the American accolades competition. Hurray! So maybe this is the start of something.
Helen Bang

Dear Adrian
Thanks for organising such a wonderful day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and am putting it into practice – daily writing and meeting contacts.

Thanks again, it was really great and I hope to meet you again at future events.
Patricia Comb

Dear Adrian
The past three days have been such a pleasure. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Screen Lab. It was so good to meet you and all the other writers. There are so few opportunities like this.

Your generous sharing of ideas and experience has been so inspiring. I’m going home to put new concepts into practice, both in my writing and my day job. I’m sure the “Five minute writing technique” and the “Power Of Three” my have some interesting creative applications in teaching design. I can’t wait to try it out.

Thank you so much. I’m heading home inspired and enthusiastic.
All the best,
Mazda Munn

P.S I LOVED Night People.

Dear Adrian
Many thanks indeed for a most instructive and inspirational 3 days. My head’s buzzing – but in a good way! You’re one of the good guys. All the best and thanks again.
George Winter

It was a terrific seminar. You handled the material and the group with consummate skill. I took away so much from the three days, most importantly the belief that making it in this particular industry was in my hands.
Warm Regards

Adrian Mead is so knowledgeable and motivational. Attending one of his classes gives you all the tools you need to succeed. The rest is up to you!
Katherine Edgar

With no over-inflated egos, no ‘magic formulas’ and emphasis on pure commitment and hard work – I particularly liked the way Adrian cut through the cr*p and told it like it really is!
Lara Greenway

I just want to say very many thanks for the great course you put on. It was an inspiring and entertaining day. It is refreshing to get some practical, down to earth advice. It’s proving really helpful already.
Suzi Ewing

Thanks very much for your hard work and effort on Saturday’s course in London. I now know where the mountain is, and thanks to you I have an idea how to climb it. Finally thanks for sharing so much information.
Julie Ford

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed last week’s class. Thanks to Adrian’s engaging manner and relevant content, for once there was more than caffeine to keep me awake and I have never been to such a positive workshop. Thanks as well to you and your team for making the behind-the-scenes bits run so smoothly.
Anne-Marie Jordan

I hugely enjoyed the seminar last Saturday, talked to lots of interesting people, and found your comments both useful and practical. Before last week I wasn’t sure what I should do next. I know now! I think the five minute writing idea is one of the best I have ever heard. Your course was truly inspirational – as well as highly entertaining – and made me determined to harness my talents to screenwriting, no matter how wild an ambition this sometimes seems to be. Thank you..
Sally O’Reilly

I really enjoyed the course, especially since Adrian has such a down-to-earth approach & made it all seem possible (with a lot of hard work of course!). It was very informative without any waffle – a definite plus in this business as I’ve been to a few courses both for work (I worked in film & TV for 8 years before having my son a couple of years ago!) & my own career development that seem to centre round the speaker’s ego rather than helping others achieve their dreams of writing! Thank you also for being so organized with coffee breaks & lunch – fantastic for a pregnant woman!!

Thank you and Adrian so much for the course on 17th March. It marked a turning point in my life that I will never forget.

Adrian should be given guru status. He doesn’t just run a course – he gives you the tools to get there! The equipment to forge ahead! He gives you insight, knowledge and understanding into where you’ve been wrong, and absolute revelation into how to put it right. Priceless. Absolutely priceless. I arrived at the course with lots of drive and determination. I left the course with
- drive
- determination
- discipline
- knowlege
- power
- energy
- enthusiasm
- clarity of thought
- understanding of process…… and a plan!!
There are two things you need to break into the industry as a new writer – talent ……….. and a day with Adrian Mead.
Afua Naa-Lamle Viana

I found the class very friendly and informative as well as packed with useful tips. It was also inspirational in that it provided essential tools for selling scripts to the right people. The writing process itself is very much a right-brain (creative) activity and it’s very easy to make the mistake of approaching the marketing aspects of the business in the same way. Adrian’s course is very effective in separating the creative process from the more planning and organisational approach (i.e left-brain activity) needed for effective selling.

By way of example, my day job is all about writing press statements and identifying the ‘top line story’ and I was struck with the similarities between doing this and the technique Adrian employs for producing good one-page synopses of scripts. I had never thought of it before in these terms. Since the weekend I’ve written two one-page synopses and I can’t believe the difference already!
William Dingli

I attended Saturday’s class and enjoyed it very much. Genuinely feel like I have a new set of goals, and you can’t ask for much more than that. I have a new blog, with the first post being in praise of the class.
Jason Arnopp

I had a great time on Saturday – many thanks to you and Adrian. It was a really useful course and brilliant fun too.
James Coleman

Thanks so much to you and Adrian and everyone else involved in the class. It was a really excellent day – very clear, very practical, and Adrian gave a really good sense of what some things I felt “Oh good, I’m kind of doing that right” and a lot more things that I can start doing to move things on. It was a very helpful and inspiring day.
Andrew Emerson

A one-time hairdresser with a second job as a nightclub doorman, Adrian has the build of the latter and the demeanour of the former. Having gotten into the business, writing for television drama and writing and directing short films and his first feature Night People, he’s eager to see other people have the same kind of success.

In the classes he’s not there to talk about script format and structure but the business of writing, taking his audience behind the curtain and showing them the workings of the great and mighty Oz. Unlike other professionals who guard the shrinking borders of their own little personal fiefdoms turning away all intruders or dole out dribbles of advice on a quid pro quo basis, he’s confident in his own abilities enough not to fear the competition.

Thank you both for a marvellous, informative day.
Paul Gooding

It was a really great day and I think Adrian’s optimism and enthusiasm was great, as there’s so much negativity among writers! It was also really well organised so thanks to you and the rest of the team as well for making it all run smoothly..
Lianne Rooney

I’ve been meaning to get in touch ever since the class but I’ve been so busy putting the advice into practice! I have nothing but praise for the way in which the day was presented and the information imparted. I came to the class feeling like writing for TV was a dream that I wanted to fulfil but didn’t really have a hope in hell. Now I feel like it is only a matter of time until I am writing full time. I thought I was a positive person but until I listened to Adrian I didn’t realise that I am holding myself back, but not any more! I’ve entered Coming Up! and the Euroscript competition and a scheme called TVYP.

I would like to thank you, Adrian and the others who helped out for a wonderful day. I will certainly come to another event organised by you as I can honestly say it was worth every penny and that’s praise indeed from a student!
Catherine Howard

A really useful course full of real world experiences, presented with huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. John Love, Glasgow

Adrian Mead’s classes are brilliant – exciting, informative and inspirational. Nobody does it better!
Alanna Knight Edinburgh

We all do the writing courses. We’ve been taught about Structure, Tone, Theme, Characterisation, Genre, Protagonist, Antagonist, etc etc etc, and now we can write wonderful screenplays, but it’s just a piece of paper. Adrian tells us the important stuff – how to go about getting it from that piece of paper and onto a screen.
James Brannigan, Glasgow

The chance to network with other writers was invaluable and I hope to keep in touch with the contacts I made at both courses I attended. Thank you for two excellent courses; well worth the money!
Lucy Kaya, Edinburgh

I am in the kitchen making tea when I hear the tinny letterbox in the hall deliver a large package. The thud on the carpet echoes the thud in my heart. I know by the weight of the thud it’s another rejection.

Do I care? Not any more. Why? Adrian Mead delivered another package last Saturday: The seminar was soul food for the writer home alone and I absorbed every ounce of the feast lovingly prepared for us: Awareness, Self-belief, Self-promotion, Staying Power – Inspiration grounded in reality!
Linda Campbell. East Kilbride

I found Adrian’s class to be extremely beneficial as the contents were lessons that could only be learned with several years experience in the professional world. When I put these lessons into practice I know it will cut down of years of disappointment.
So many thanks again and watch this space!
Alton Milne, Perthshire

Adrian’s classes were full of invaluable advice on how to break into the industry. His breakdown of the One Page Document not only introduced me to the most recent industry practise but is also helping me gauge the viability of personal projects.
Talking to others on the course I felt that many people had been genuinely inspired to take their writing to the next stage.
Cheers, Mark Robson, Glasgow

That’s the 2nd MeadKerr day I have attended and they were both “wonderful moments in eternity”, as Jean Brodie may have remarked. The hall and its scenic balcony, the snacks and lunch, the ability to meet new people and renew acquaintances… and there are lectures and notes as well!! Adrian’s lectures cut to the chase and save days/months/years of trying to get relevant information. They are bang up-to-date unlike any book. I’ve had to buy a new folder to store all my notes from the lectures and the extra notes Clare keeps sending after the lecture is long over. I’ll be at the next one whatever the topic.
John McShane, Glasgow

Adrian’s highly practical approach to getting started as a TV writer is not available via any standard text book or course. His advice about how to get an agent and how to write a one page selling document are exactly what a new writer needs to know but, perhaps surprisingly, cannot learn from other sources. With Adrian’s up-to-date inside information, writers are helped to get ahead of the game in terms of who and what to pursue.
Donald MacKenzie, Edinburgh

Informative, informal, inspiring!
That just about sums the day up for me.
Peter Haynes, Edinburgh

These classes give an insight into the business side of things (which I think a lot of writers tend to ignore or not think about).
Adrian shares his industry knowledge and expertise, and while giving an honest overview of current trends / demands still manages to encourage his audience. His passion for the industry shines through and is deeply infectious. As such, these events not only provide you with loads of insider knowledge, but inspire and encourage. Even if you decide against trying your hand as a writer for TV, many of the tips are equally applicable to other career aspects!

Having done both of these classes I came away fired up and probably bored my friends rigid as I couldn’t stop raving about it for weeks! I can’t recommend this enough!
Jane Walker, Edinburgh

I thought the course was energising – you made anything seem possible and achievable. I have taken your ideas and started writing again. I am filled with a new enthusiasm and I feel it was value for money and I can see myself earning a living as a writer.
Kind regards. Maria Thomson, Glenshiel, Kingussie

Tips on getting noticed, getting on and getting paid for doing what you love: Adrian Mead has a disarming manner which has no doubt got him through his former work as a hairdresser and bouncer. He now seems destined to soothingly massage writer’s heads with practical tips and skills whilst at the same time giving them a firm shove in the right direction!
Thanks guys, Dominic Gonzalez, Glasgow

The events were well organised, with all aspects running smoothly. Adrian was confident and relaxed, interspersing his teaching with anecdotes and real life experiences.
I came away from the events with a strong sense of what I needed to do next and felt energised by the solid practical advice and Adrian’s optimism that we too could reach our goals of being screenwriters.

I attended Adrian’s first class as a friend at Napier recommended it. I found it practical yet inspiring.
David Hutchison, Edinburgh

The class was energising – no excuse now for not following the
up-to-minute advice given by Adrian. Excellent value – thanks.
Sheila Malham, London

I attended Adrian Mead’s ‘So You Want To Be A Screenwriter’ class on my birthday, and it is a present I’ll remember for life. Adrian’s straight-to-the-point delivery and provision of up-to-date information on successful Screenwriting strategies made me realise that I really did want to get my script commissioned, and was ready to commit to a creative career. Networking is actively encouraged at the class, and led to me finding out about the Access to Industry, HE Certificate in the Creative Industries course. I moved to Edinburgh and started the 18 month course, 3 weeks later! These classes really are… entrepreneurial rocket fuel!
Julie McIntosh, Edinburgh

Thank you for a wonderful seminar yesterday. To paraphrase that well known Heineken advert; your seminars reach the parts other courses failed to reach.

Other courses gloss over what to do with your finished work, as if it isn’t worth approaching agents etc be considered. Your advice on what to do and how to do it is invaluable!

Thanks again to you and your team of helpers for a friendly welcome, food was delicious.
Best wishes
Jane Burns

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