What I do

Domain Name – Before starting with the web-design I will discuss  with you your preferred domain e.g. thefriendly-shop.co.uk. I may purchase your domain for you and find a reliable but best value web hosting company to host it.

Template and Content – With your instruction and my experience I will design the website template for you (See some possible templates below). I can advise you about the content but ultimately I will expect you to add the content to the website. This is why I chose WordPress – it is the easiest platform to insert your content.

Maintenance – I will provide you with tools to maintain your website for the future e.g. backups and update. Alternatively I may maintain your website for you for an agreed payment.

Graphics and Photos – I can also help you source photos, images and graphics. I can direct you to websites with royalty free images but also paid ones if needed.

Family Website – I can also help you to design a family website where you may put your favourite videos/photos/art/birthdays/slideshows/family calendar. This could be a private website which is only available online for members of your family and not available for public access.

Templates Examples - 

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